Monday, September 22, 2014

Creative Coma

A couple of weekends ago I made a really good decision. Thanks to that decision, I have fallen into a creative coma. And it sucks. 

The backstory:
Many of you know that I’m working on a young adult novel called WE ARE MONSTERS. I started it on a dare because I was thoroughly convinced that anything I wrote in first person was going to sound lame and would never, ever be interesting to anyone except for myself and maybe one or two close friends.

Then I began to get feedback from beta readers – really, really good feedback. I was terribly flattered…and terrified. What had I done?! I had accidentally created half of something that could be successful. Various curse words coursed through my brain whenever I thought of it. I mocked myself every chance I got:

“No one else ever likes first person.” (Totally and completely false)

“Superpowers just aren’t cool right now.” (Psh. Superpowers are always cool)

“I’ll never be good at sticking to this schedule.” (Says the control freak who gets a rush from alphabetizing her book collection)

And then:
A few experts kindly helped me attack the dilemma, and a couple of weeks ago I decided that this joke of a book should be treated not with laughter on my end, but with serious dedication

Why isn’t it working out? Yeah, um…I have no idea. I haven’t written more than 2,000 words in the past two weeks, a productivity decrease of about 75%. It’s like I’m parked at a stop sign, waiting for it to turn green. Any second now I’m going to realize that it’s a sign and signs aren’t lights… Any day now I’ll have the motivation to kick myself into gear. Aaaaaany day now...

How do you jump back in to things when you feel like your creativity is in a coma?

Michelle is a weird person at heart. She daydreams about how awesome it would be to be a fire-breathing dragon so she could roast her own marshmallows and then eat them without getting gobs of gooey sugar all over her fingers. 

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