Monday, September 29, 2014

A Book Addict in Non-Recovery

I’m moving in the next month or two, and last week I decided the only sensible course of action was to buy more books. Sometimes you just can’t resist.

I know I’m addicted, and while I have no intention to recover I can at least explain myself. First of all, it was a boxed set of the Chronicles of Narnia, plus Valiant by Holly Black. For a grand total of $7. Seriously. I couldn’t leave those books all alone. They needed me.

Second, I have always been like this. It is a fact of life. If I love a book, I will buy it. And none of those pansy e-books, either. Gimme a real book, with soft pages and bumped corners and little crumbs stuck down by the spine.  I can't not own them. It’s probably why I turned into a writer – I have to be around stories. I need to consume them and create them. Even as a little kid, I never stopped reading.

The past couple of weeks on the podcast have been dedicated to trunk novels. Emily and Giles went first, and now it’s my turn. The trunk novel section you’ll hear from me is something sci-fi I wrote waaaay back in the day. When I hear it being read, I see mini-Michelle hunched over her dad’s computer, tapping furiously on the keyboard and saving her work to black floppy disks.

I never actually finished this trunk novel, but it’s so terrible I’m glad I didn’t. I mean, it’s awful. Just awful. We had to have Giles’ wife, the other Emily, read my pages because I was literally rolling on the floor with laughter. And even she needed to have a few goes with it. It’s that bad.

One thing I really love about trunk novels is every writer has at least one. Sure, for some you have to go back to age 8 or some ridiculously young age like that, but it still shows you that even the greats needed some practice. Writing that trunk novel was simply Step One to the rest of my life. I love collecting stories, and I hope that someday people will love my books so much that they’ll whip them off the shelves, even if they’re in the middle of moving 200 other books.

What kind of stories are you addicted to?

Michelle's new house has a room that will be entirely dedicated to books and creativity, and sometimes when she thinks about it she has little fangirl moments and starts to ramble and forgets about everything else ever. It's a personal problem. 

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