Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Short Post on Short Stories

We're talking about short stories again because our podcast guests this week (Warren and Angie) all share space in the same anthology with our delightful Emer.

When I was young, I didn't read many short stories unless they were assigned to me at school. When I sit down to read, I want the biggest, fullest story that consumes days or weeks in my brain. Now that I'm older, helping to run a podcast, write a blog, put together a writing career, and work a full-time day job (not to mention making sure that I show my wife as much love as I possibly can), I've found that I have less and less time to read.

I'm trying to make more time to read, but I've found that the lack of story that comes about as a result of not finishing as many books leaves me wanting more. Always. So I'm turning to short stories to get my fill. Much like snacking on a day when I don't have time for lunch. It's a great way to get a lot of story (entertainment and inspiration) without having to invest nearly as much time.

So go read some short stories. Get yourself into a world with lively characters, a recognizable plot, and then move on to the next story when you have free time again.

Life is too short to make excuses NOT to read, so Giles is investing time in stories, no matter where he can. Not as often as he should, but he's getting there.

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