Friday, July 25, 2014


I don't do well with uncertainty, which is probably a hilarious statement for those of you who know me and my random spontaneity streak in person. But it's true--when I'm faced with a situation that could swing in any of a multitude of directions, I tend to freak out a little bit and go all paralyzed-from-fear.

So it's really kind of amusing to me that I don't flip when I think about the future of publishing. With how uncertain and changing the face of publishing is, it really should be something I'm tearing out my hair about.

Maybe because it's not anything I have any sort of control over. It's a huge machine and I'm just a tiny little cog trying to make my way inside, so it's not like I can influence whether brick and mortar stores remain or whether self-publishing one day destroys major publishers.

Whatever the reason, I'm not freaking out about the future of publishing. As I've said about a zillion times, the human brain is wired for story--we will always, always have multiple methods of sharing those stories and telling tales. It's part of the human condition.

Will things change? Undoubtedly. But I honestly don't think that books and stories will go anywhere for a long, long time.

Which is just fine with me. It means I've got a better chance at getting my work published!

Emily is a worrywart of epic proportions, but she's trying to get better about it, especially with things that are completely out of her control. You can help ease her fear by being friends with her on Twitter @emilyksinger.

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