Monday, July 14, 2014

Classic TV Series: A Tale of Nostalgia

Books and fresh air were always been praised over TV during my childhood. As kids we spent a lot of time in the open space around my neighborhood, reading on the deck, or going on bike rides. But on Saturday mornings I always made sure to get up in time to watch cartoons.

My family has never had cable, so once most of the cool cartoons switched to the paid-for channels, there wasn’t much to watch. I remember being so excited on vacations to have a hotel TV that had cable – such sweet freedom! My sisters and I would pile on the bed and scour the channels for Gargoyles. Every. Time.

Our poor parents were so confused – a swimming pool outside and we wanted to watch TV? But we wanted to see Goliath and Elisa save the day with their friends.

As I’ve gotten older, Gargoyles has maintained a special place in my heart. It’s right next to the original X-Men series, Robotech, and Sailor Moon. Any time I think of being a kid (back when the cartoons weren’t just good, they were AWESOME) I think of these shows.

I like to think that the mark of a brilliant childhood show is whether or not I’ll watch it today. Some TV shows were so badly written they are painful to watch as an adult.  Then there are the ones that are simply so-so, but I’ll watch them out of pure nostalgia. Nostalgia makes you do things like that, you know?

It astounds me how some shows have become beloved classics while others have faded away. It’s all in the writing. Isn’t it amazing that just one writer can dictate whether people will remember the characters, the plot, or even the setting of a show? I wish I could meet up with every writer for every series I’ve ever loved, just to shake their hands and hope that some of their artistic genius will transfer to me. 

I would totally support a resurgence of Gargoyles. What shows do you want to see again?

This nostalgic message was brought to you by Michelle, who is guilty of loving silver nail polish, spicy guacamole, and the sound metal Slinkys make when you send them down the stairs. She hates Rubics cubes and Uno Attack with the burning passion of a million suns, and to offset all that hate she does a lot of writing.

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