Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Breaking Convention

I like weird stuff. Specific, I know, but it's true. As some listeners already know, I like beer. And I specifically LOVE sour beer. Not just because I like the flavor, but I like the very concept of something so off-the-wall as a malty, hoppy liquid that's been brewed for thousands of years and adding a new dimension to the flavor. Sour beer is so wildly different from your standard PBR or Bud that it makes me look around for something even more unique!

That's what I like in literature. Someone like Gareth Hinds, who I got to interview a while back, takes classic literature, like Beowulf and King Lear, and turns them into graphic novels. In the words of the '70s, I can dig it! And the whole point of this blog and the accompanying podcast is that, even though it's not "the mainstream," projects from people like Hinds or Gail Carriger or Jim Butcher, and especially Tolkien, can (and I think ARE) art. Off-centered art, maybe, but still art.

What do you think? Is there art in commercial literature or graphic novels? Is there VALUE in it?

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