Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A Diversion

Let's get personal for a bit. Not too personal, just a bit of a diversion from discussing writing or fiction for a moment. Let's talk RENAISSANCE FESTIVAL!

I've never been to a Ren Fest before, and this event was one of the most fun experiences of the year! In fact, it might've been better than Comic Con since I wasn't working. It was odd, though, because Colorado has had rain almost every day since summer began. And not just a light drizzle. We're talking consistent downpours. And on Saturday, it rained so fiercely that I got drenched from head to toe. Not metaphorically. Rivers of water streamed down my back (through my shirt, mind you), inside my jeans, and then soaked my feet INSIDE my waterproof work boots. The only thing that DIDN'T get soaked was my phone because I managed to get it into my wife's purse.

I guess this does relate to writing because one of my first thoughts was, "Wow, in Ye Olden Times, this is what it would've been like to get trapped in a rainstorm." If I write a medieval story with rainstorms, I'll have first-hand knowledge of what it's like to get soaked through my clothing. Without an umbrella. It'll be a VERY accurate scene.

Back to the fest. If you EVER get a chance to go to a Ren Fest or Ren Fair, DO IT! It's a lot of fun. Even if it rains, there's tons of stuff to look at, great interactions with people who really enjoy their jobs (assuming they're not volunteering), and something the whole family can do*.

What's the point of this diversion, you ask? Go have fun! Life is too short to think about work all the time. Get out of the house, do things. See something new. What do you recommend for fun on the weekend? Or when you need a break during the week?

Giles is a goof who likes nerdy things. That's why he's a wizard. Rocket-boots aside, he loves medieval stuff. Even though he doesn't know that much about it, aside from what he's read in Tolkien.

*Since it's SUPPOSED to be a family event, make certain that if you wear white, you wear something UNDERNEATH your costume. Unfortunate rainstorms can turn the family outing into a 21+ show.

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