Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Taking Chances

As we talk Improv this week, it's important to note that any time an improv actor makes a decision, they're taking a risk. The decision could turn out well, and it could make them fall flat on their face. Unlike novel writing, most areas of live to give people the opportunity to edit out the less-than-perfect choices.

And that's a lesson for life, too. I'd love to go into more details, but I have a very specific example coming up this weekend.

General information I can give you: months ago, I learned that Denver Comic Con had a section on the floor called "Podcast Peak." My first thought was, "There's not point in signing up because we're too new. There is NO WAY they'll offer us a spot."

Well, I listened to the voice that replied. The one that said, "So what? If they say no, what do you lose? The time to fill out the form?" I made a decision. One that I expected to land me flat on my face.

They said yes. So we have a table at Comic Con. AND, we're moderating panels, including two author panels. We get to interview guests, talk to amazing people, and spend a weekend together at an event none of us could've afforded to do without taking this chance.

And some of the events we'll be involved with put us up in front of a lot of people. We could make this into a great event, or we could mis-step and, yes, fall on our faces. But we're taking the chance. We're risking our comfort for an opportunity. And I say that, no matter what, it's worth it.

Just in the same way that improv actors take chances. When they fall, it's not a disaster. But when they succeed, it's usually great! If we fall, maybe it'll be spectacular. But who cares? The payoff if we succeed is far greater than the potential fallout.

So take chances. Think ahead, but make the choice and take a risk.

Giles is excited for comic-con. He's not big on performing improv, but he loves watching it. His personal blog is down for the week, but follow him and Beyond the Trope on twitter to get updates on Denver Comic Con.

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  1. As one of the best teachers ever has said, "Take chances, make mistakes, and get messy!"