Friday, June 13, 2014

Party Hard at Denver Comic Con

Today is the first day of Denver Comic Con (DCC), so instead of a thoughtful, funny post, you're going to get a whole bunch of nerd feels. I should probably be more sorry than I am.

In case you haven't heard, all three of us at Beyond the Trope (plus our amazing producer, The Other Emily) will be at a booth at DCC, hosting panels throughout the weekend, interviewing some fantastic people, and walking around having a great time.

Michelle is planning on being three different hipster princesses (today's costume is Snow White, so try to find her). Emily has two Doctor Who dresses and the mostly-made-by-hand Kid Loki dress debuting on Saturday. Giles is going to be…Giles. Next year, we'll get him to dress up as something, I swear.

Whether or not you find our costumed selves, please do stop by the booth and maybe sit in for a quick interview! We'd love to talk to normal con-goers as well as the authors and artists we already have lined up. And, if you don't want to talk to us in person, try and stop by one of the panels we're moderating--there are some really cool ones on the list, including a super-special one at 5:45 this afternoon.

Seriously, it's going to be a fantastic weekend and we are all so excited to be at this con! Thanks to the DCC staff for this opportunity, and don't forget that Denver Comic Con benefits the wonderful Comic Book Classroom organization, that promotes literacy through comic books.

Emily is so thrilled that Beyond the Trope is at DCC that she can't really think straight. Therefore, this bio will be incredibly short and unhelpful.

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