Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Falling Flat?

A couple weeks ago, I talked about taking risks and the potential for falling flat on my face. Well, if you listened to this week's episode of Beyond The Trope, you'll hear me do just that. I saw someone I recognized. Someone I'd seen at a writing conference, and someone I'd spoken with in person. We were recording, and I wanted him to come over and say hi.

And I could not, for the life of me, remember his name. I knew his name, I'd talked about him with other people (mentioning books he'd worked on, not gossip), but I could NOT make my face spit it out. BUT, I think it makes for great radio. And great content. He gave us some awesome information, and I gave a prime example of why it's important to take risks. Yes, I fell flat, but the podcast didn't suffer. And so what if I made myself look a little foolish?

Forgetting someone's name is NOTHING compared to some of the idiotic things I've said and done over the years. And not just in my youth. I learned something. And that something will make the podcast better in the future.

All in all, Denver Comic Con was a great event. We had fun, met awesome people, and overall made a good impression. I think.

I know the people we interviewed liked us.

Giles has a long week ahead at his day job, so his brain won't come up with ideas for clever things to say. Sorry, but he's just focussed on other things today.

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