Saturday, June 7, 2014

Cosplay as Adaptation

I have to be honest--I completely forgot yesterday was Friday (and, thus, my day to post). I've been having some day displacement issues with everything going on in my life, so my apologies for the late post!

With all this talk about adaptations, and Denver Comic Con coming up next week, I figured I'd talk a little about one of the adaptations we didn't talk about a whole lot in the episode: cosplay!

What does dressing-up and playing pretend have to do with adaptations? Well, most people who cosplay are creating costumes from works that already have strong visual elements--comics, movies, video games, etc. That means there's already a template (often physically impossible in the real world) that the cosplayer wants to emulate. Not only do they have to figure out how to sew their costume and craft their props, they also have to focus on making the costume both work realistically (aka, not fall off their bodies, or defy gravity, etc.), be recognizable as the character, conform to Con rules, and be comfortable enough to wear for at least a full day.

I have great respect for cosplayers. I think their work is amazing, and it shows a huge admiration for the characters and the craft. And it's really hard to adapt a two-dimensional costume into something actually wearable! Honestly, cosplay is as much an admirable form of adaptation and fanwork as creating a movie based on a book, only done on personal budgets and time--and that's amazing to me.

Cosplay on!

Emily is currently working on a dress inspired by Kid Loki in the Marvel comics to debut at Denver Comic Con. Assuming her hand doesn't fall off from all the sewing, she'll be at the Beyond the Trope booth most of the Con (June 13-15), so come say hi!

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