Monday, June 30, 2014

Concerning My Nerd/Dork/Geek Points

For anyone who is keeping track of nerd/dork/geek points, I’d like to petition that at least a few thousand be added to my account. I have some really, really good arguments, so I think I deserve a lot of points.

Argument No. 1:
A few days ago when I was hanging out with my littlest sister, I said these words: “And then I had this dream that she fell out the window and didn’t get hurt, so I just had to write a book about it, and then I thought, ‘Oh, my gosh, what if they all had really sucky super powers and things blew up when you touched them?’”

Argument No. 2:
When I found out the release date of the fresh season of Doctor Who (AUGUST 23, PEOPLE!!!) I grinned and bounced in my office chair. At work. With people around me.

Argument No. 3:
I just finished reading Of Neptune, a YA fiction book about mermaids. (Because mermaids are cool.)

Argument No. 4:
I started my run by a creek the other day, and for the first quarter of a mile I sang Colors of the Wind. While running. And leaping over bushes. And pretending I had Pocahontas hair waving in the breeze.

Argument No. 5:
I may or may not own these items:                                             

(I do. I do own these items.)

Argument No. 6:

These hipster princesses happened for Denver Comic Con (minus the see-through dresses, of course):

What have some of your dorkiest moments been the past few weeks? And how many nerd/dork/geek points do you think I've earned? I hope it's a lot -- I'm saving them up for something ginormous. :)

This message was brought to you by Michelle, who once was convinced that sharks lived in the underwater lights of swimming pools. She hates audio books that don't have a track that tells you the disk is over. If you, too, have The Princess Bride memorized, she will gladly trade quotes with you. 

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