Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Adaptations are an extension of our fandom. Look at how successful the Harry Potter movies were. And Twilight. And The Hunger Games.

I want to belabor this point. For those of us who are mega-fans, we want to experience the events in our stories time and again. And again. And in as many ways as possible. That includes movies, books, video games, and (for me) tabletop RPGs.

When I watched the Lord of the Rings movies, I finally had an opportunity to experience someone else's vision of Middle Earth. And while I disagreed with some of the portrayals, it turned into a SHARED experience. A camaraderie that ignores space and time to unify enormous groups of people.

I love this because, the older I get, the less I think it's okay to close myself off from the world around me. Not that I did that intentionally as a youth. I craved a community I could belong to. And geekdom helped me find that.

Many people may cry out in fear when their favorite book is slated for the big screen. Or they may scream when a film they adore gets turned into a stage play. And, yes, many of these adaptations are bad enough to justify the fear. But they also draw other into the conversation.

Ultimately, is that what entertainment is all about? Joining in a community conversation? Even when that conversation spans the globe and a few decades?

Giles is typically better-thought-out, but he's so excited about Comic Con and great adaptations. He actually blogged this week over on High Aspirations, and if you drop by on Friday, he'll tell you about a great charity that does awesome work for the betterment of mankind.

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