Friday, May 2, 2014

Writing Routines

One of the pieces of advice I hear now and then is to create a 'writing ritual' or 'writing routine.' In other words, create some sort of routine that you do every time you sit down to create: drink a cup of tea, write in the same chair, light some yummy-smelling candles, listen to your writing playlist, etc. Basically, just find something that you can do often enough that it immediately puts your brain into artistic mode.

Personally, I adore this idea but I've never been able to pull it off. I get sick of the same kind of tea every day. My work schedule is unreliable, so I can't necessarily write at the same time every day. I'd go crazy if I listened to one playlist over and over.

I tried to do the 'write for half an hour first thing in the morning' thing, but even that caused issues when my nighttime schedule went later than usual.

Long story short: routines and I don't get along very well.

Which is why this article about "The Myth of the Artist's Creative Routine" struck a cord with me. Long story short, the article makes the point that it isn't the artist's routine that makes great art--it's the artist themselves.

"There is no secret ingredient to artistic success; no magic routine for producing art." I think that's something that all creative people need to take into account (as hard as it is to hear).

The only way to make good art, to achieve any sort of artistic success, is to consistently work at your craft, and not be afraid to fail. Which isn't easy. But, then again, the easy road's overrated.

Emily claims to be organized and good at planning, but that's not necessarily the case. Just don't let the others hear that. There are only so many places a cyborg halfling can hide.

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