Wednesday, May 7, 2014

What We Feel

I'm a big fan of emotional writing. Get me to laugh or cry, and I'm hooked. As long as I care.

For my own writing, this isn't as easy to accomplish as I would like. I'm not someone who tries to make a movie-scene out of my narrative, but that's only because I've learned that selective descriptions are the only way to make a scene work on the page. Too many details, or too few, and the sequence fails. Every time.

However, I experience emotional reactions to movie scenes. Many of them are strong emotional reactions. THAT is what I try to get on the page.

Again, not as easy as it sounds. But exploring my own emotions, picking words that evoke those feelings in a particular setting, and then weaving them into character interactions: that's how I try to get emotion on the page. What my characters feel is closely related to what I feel, even if I've never experienced their situations before.

This week we're talking about writing what you know. And how to fake it when you don't know. This is how I fake it. And so far, I think it's working.

Giles follows the "Fake It Till You Make It" method in very few areas of his life. But where he's faking it, he's making some serious progress. Which means he's not really faking it anymore.

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