Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Big Fans

At Beyond the Trope, we're all big fans of stuff. I know, that's not very specific, but it's the truth. We're not limited to one form of fandom. And why should we be? There are so many art forms to appreciate. Intellectual Properties pull at us for one reason or another. And it's that fandom that drew us together as a group. It's why we go on and on about art.

That's also one of the reasons we wanted to talk about fan art. So many people (and I used to be one of them) bash fan art. They say, "If you're going to create, make it original. Don't steal other peoples' ideas." And while that mindset makes sense to me, I prefer to appreciate art by talking about it and sharing my take on it.

Ultimately, that's what fan art is. It's a way to celebrate the IPs that make us excited. It's another opportunity to talk about and experience the worlds we love. And it draws the community of art-lovers together.

Do you write fan fiction? Do you draw your favorite characters? Do you dress up for conventions? Do you create music inspired by someone else's stories?

Giles rarely writes fan fiction, but he geeks out about The Dresden Files and The Parasol Protectorate ALL THE TIME (figuratively) at High Aspirations.

He also has some news he's dying to spill, but will refrain from sharing until more details are available. But stay tuned!

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