Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Behind the Scenes at Beyond the Trope

It's Wednesday, so you're probably expecting a post from our local snarky wizard. Ha! Fooled you! Today, you get a special Cyborg-Emily Wednesday post. Because reasons. (Giles will return for the Friday post.)

Anyway, this week's episode was an awesome interview with our good friend Aaron Michael Ritchey, who happens to have a book coming out tomorrow. I could spend this entire post talking about this book, Long Live the Suicide King, and how excited I am to actually read it. But I won't.

Instead, I'm going to talk a little bit about what happens when we sit down to record an episode of Beyond the Trope, especially with a guest. Ready? Let's do this.

1) Massive pre-planning via email and texting because (believe it or not) all three of your hosts have a perfectionist streak. This planning also includes pre-interview questions with guests, if we have one.

2) Emily and Michelle arrive at Giles' house with lunch, because we get grumpy if we don't eat. Playing with the cat and set-up ensue.

3) The guest(s) arrive! Well, except for our very first guest, who also happens to be our producer and Giles' wife. She's a special case. Review of the pre-interview generally happens right after said guest gets settled.

4) Recording (first three episodes)! This often involves lots of laughter, terrible jokes, teasing, forgetting what we meant to say, tangents, and all the other good things you hear in the podcast episodes. We try to either not edit at all or keep it to a bare minimum, which is why you'll often hear me laughing so hard I can't actually speak. Oops.

5) Dinner. Once again, food is good and we don't want to get snappy with each other. *Bows to the awesome cooking skills of Giles and the Other Emily*

6) Record one last episode for the night.

7) Wind-down time! Aka watch awesome movies and have dessert time! Because what good is doing something like podcasting with friends if you can't just hangout afterward, right?

8) Go home before we fall asleep. Seriously. These recording days are super long. Awesome and fun, but really long and exhausting, too.

So, there you have it! A quick step-by-step as to what happens on recording days.

Now, everyone go out and pre-order your copy of Long Live the Suicide King, and come to the release party tomorrow night. We'll see you there!

This behind-the-scenes sneak peek written by the half-pint super cyborg, Emily. She enjoys stirring the pot and being totally ridiculous. Find her at and on Twitter @emilyksinger.

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