Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Bad Timing: A Short Story

In keeping with this week's theme, I wrote a very short story based off of two tropes from Guess 'em and get a gold star.

Bad Timing

My flesh rippled and crawled. “No, no! Stay back.” This couldn’t be happening. Not here. Not with him so close.

His eyebrows creased, and instead of listening to me, he took a step forward. “Are you okay?”

The bones in my throat shifted and closed around my vocal chords. Instead of an explanation, I squeaked. “Grawwar.”

Two more steps, and he stretched out his hands to touch me.

“Rawr.” I stepped away, my back hunched and both hands over my face. My vision went fuzzy, and blood rushed from my head.

The floor turned to water. I fell. He rushed forward and wrapped his arms around me. So gentle and kind.

He held me so tight, I couldn’t save him.

I don’t think he’d ever seen a giant hedgehog before, and when the light faded from his eyes, I knew he never would again.

Not quite what he expected, Giles nevertheless writes on an almost-daily basis. Whether it's flash fiction, full-length novels, or blog posts, you can find him on the internet, lurking in the corners where he tries to figure out a way to engage with people. Not shy, just trying to learn the secrets of his rocket boots.

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