Wednesday, March 12, 2014


I love Hamlet. It's one of my favorite stories. Of all time. If you listened to Episode 3 already, it's obvious why. If you haven't, you should. Until then, know that Hamlet was the first Shakespeare play I ever read.

I never read Shakespeare in high school. Or junior high. My first experience was in college. Since I chose to go to school, and I chose the classes I wanted to take, I knew what I was in for. I expected Shakespeare to be difficult to grasp, but something I could warm up to and enjoy.

Because of my youth spent reading books way above my grade level, I found Hamlet to be quite accessible. And exciting. And inspiring!

Now, I read Shakespeare less than I should, but when I do, it makes my brain move in ways that it's not used to. And that gets me amped up to write. Not just my own, formulaic stories, but clever, witty, mind-bending stories that reinvent the oldest stories in a completely new way.

But Shakespeare is more than inspiring, it's transcendental. Each play reminds me of several other stories, takes me to far-off lands, and teaches me something about myself and the people I interact with every day. Every play the Bard wrote is a window into multiple universes. And I think it's why I can't stop geeking out about him.

My favorite tragedy is Hamlet, and my favorite comedy is Taming of the Shrew. What are yours? And why?

At some point I considered writing this bio in iambic pentameter. Then I remembered that I'm not nearly as talented as that. I might be able to put something together in the course of a week or two. But let's face it, you're better off reading Shakespeare for that experience.

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