Monday, March 3, 2014

Artists are Just the Coolest

I have a dream.  It involves my words and someone else’s swoon-worthy skills with a pencil.

Writers spend years inside our own minds, imagining people and places and things that only partially exist in real life.  I can draw, but…well, I’m just not the best.  I can barely draw two eyes that match.  It only makes sense to find someone who can not only make eyes that are the same size and shape, but who can read a page of dialogue and transform it into a completely new piece of art.

So I decided to compile a very short list of some fantastic artists who I think are just the coolest. This is by no means my complete dream list, but it is full of talented people whose work I have gone back to again and again, sometimes to read and sometimes to just to stare at with my mouth hanging open.  When I imagine my words interpreted by their brushes and pencils, the fangirl inside me develops stars in her eyes.

Scottie Young
Young’s unique, dark-edged style gives me such joy.  Click his “Random” link once and you won’t be able to stop. In fact, better set aside a couple of hours right now. 

Aaron Diaz
I just…I can’t look away. Check out Diaz’s Silmarillion Project if you want to blow your mind with awesomeness. His work is breathtaking and snazzy. 

Rob Guillory
I see Guillory’s work and it’s like coming back to life.  It’s just so beautiful and gritty, and after a few seconds I devolve into pining after his mad skills.

Li Chen  
If I could accurately describe to you how much I love this girl, I would simply say, "If I were an artist, this is how I would do things." ‘Nuff said.

Mark Brooks  
In my dreams, Brooks’ illustrating and my writing fall in love and get to work making babies almost immediately.  And they live happily ever after.

OK, OK.  My writing tends to have, well, dark elements (case in point: my current serial novel). But I just can't help but have a thing for imagining my world as told through the lens of Stewart's JL8 style.  

How would you pair your favorite books with illustrators?  And can someone please find me some kick-butt female artists to admire? My list is sorely lacking!

Carved into the blogosphere by Michelle, an appreciator of banana chips, rainy days, and graphic novels about robots.

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