Friday, February 14, 2014

Love Note to Fiction

It’s Valentine’s Day (or Single’s Awareness Day, depending on which side of the aisle your relationship status stands on), so I figured I’d write a little love note for my first post on the Beyond the Trope blog. But not just any ordinary love note. A crappy love letter to the art of fiction, complete with terrible cliches! Here goes nothing!

My darling,

You put magic in my meaningless life. You help me slay my dragons, send me into outer space, and keep me up to all hours of the night. I don't know what I'd do without your enchanting stories and your divine artwork, your characters that haunt me and lush worlds that make me want to run away.

You'll never know how much you've changed my life, from the first time I cracked open a book to this very moment. You'll never know how many lives you've saved, and how many people you've inspired. You'll never know how difficult it is to live a single day without hearing from you, in writing or on the television, or even over the radio.

My dearest, I love you more than chocolate, more than sunshine, and more than my beloved cats. Without you, I am nothing. I would have no reason to go on. You are my life.

Never stop being you, dearest. Never stop telling tales and creating stories, lighting my life with mystery and magic. Never stop inspiring and changing the world. For without you, this world is nothing but a dull sphere of boring which I can barely tolerate.

Here's to a lifetime with you, and many happy years to come. I love you, Fiction, and always will.

Written by a super cyborg halfling with a sassy streak. Emily also writes at on occasions rarer than she would like to admit, and can generally be found quoting various British TV shows.

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