Monday, February 17, 2014

Go Beyond Your Trope

I had a major, spectacular realization yesterday.  It just might change your life.  But first, a little backstory:

Last week I slipped on some ice and ate asphalt in a magnificently ungraceful way.  I tore up my knee, bruised my butt, and filled my wrist with tiny rocks (I’m just that talented).  My wrist and butt were fine after an hour, but my knee grew a knot the size of a plum, and then it turned blue and refused to accept the jobs of bending, walking, and generally operating as knees are supposed to. 
Fast forward to yesterday, at which time I contemplated the abandonment of the boots that led to the painful knee disaster of the week before.

I considered buying a pair of thigh-high boots because they’re sleek and I would be able to take them to Europe with me in the fall.  But as I rolled this idea around in my head, I suddenly had this thought:

“Wait, I can’t get over-the-knee boots.  That’ll just hurt my knee even more.”

Then I laughed at myself.  It’s February, and I’m not planning on the trip until September or October. Do I really think that my knee will be bruised for over six more months?

That’s when it hit me: Sometimes when we make long term goals, we unconsciously restrain ourselves based on problems in our current lives.

We’ve been talking a lot about moving beyond your trope and getting rid of things that hold you back.  I think a restrained state of mind is just that – a trope that needs to get thrown out.  So often I think of the future and say to myself, “Oh, I won’t be able to do that because of xyz.”  But how do I know that I won’t be able to meet that goal?  Instead of cutting my dreams off at the knee, I should be thinking of new ways to surmount the very things that hold me back.

I love this “ah-ha!” because it can really be applied to just about anything.  Something might be holding you back today, but next week it could be gone. 

How are you going to move beyond your trope this week?

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  1. That's funny because my first thought when you said "trip to Europe" was, "How long are you going to be gone? Should we even bother moving forward? Will you even come back?"

  2. Never looked at it that way and it's great!